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Dungeon Fantasy RPG: GM Screen +

Dungeon Fantasy
Dungeon Fantasy RPG: GM Screen +
Dungeon Fantasy RPG: GM Screen +
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The Dungeon Fantasy GM Screen pulls together key information for the GM who likes to keep the action moving. The screen is designed to help the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game run faster and easier while foiling the classic hack ‘n’ slash tradition of “accidentally” glimpsing the GM’s notes. One included booklet features charts and tables to accelerate character building, while the second booklet provides complete ready-to-play heroes to start crypt-crawling immediately. Set a swift pace while keeping a few surprises hidden away with the Dungeon Fantasy GM Screen!


• Written by Sean Punch and illustrated by Brandon Moore.
• Includes a vibrant four-panel screen and two 16-page booklets.
• The four-color screen has stunning art on one side and useful information on the other.
• One booklet makes starting the game faster; the other includes 13 ready-to-use heroes.

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