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One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows

One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows
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Oryginalny opis wydawcy:

Forest of Shadows adds all-new heroes, dungeons, foes, perils, and makes your adventures more dangerous with a new type of damage: poison. You'll have to weigh spending time tending to your wounds against the ever-pressing need to battle and find loot. The boss at the end of the dungeon certainly won't go easy on you if you delay...

Forest of Shadows is a cooperative dungeon delve for one to two players. It is a stand-alone expansion, so it can be played entirely on its own, but can also be mixed with the original One Deck Dungeon. With any two sets combined, you can play as a party of four heroes.

Opakowanie i zawartość w języku angielskim.

Dane techniczne

Rodzaj gry Fantasy, kooperacja, deck-pool building, dungeon-crawler
Liczba graczy 1-2 lub 1-4
Wiek 14+
Czas jednej rozgrywki 30-45 minut
Wydanie angielskie
Instrukcja angielska

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