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Reavers of Midgard

Reavers of Midgard
Reavers of Midgard
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Oryginalny opis wydawcy:

In Reavers of Midgard, you are the master of a longship with a small but loyal crew. Your goal is to earn glory and become the most renowned reaver in all of Midgard. Recruit Vikings to join your crew. Cast bones in order to glimpse your destiny. Slay sea monsters and battle Draugr. Subdue territories and bring them into your empire or pillage keeps and villages as a warning to those that would challenge you as Jarl.

Will you lead your clan on an adventure that the Skalds will tell of for all eternity? Or will your rivals surpass your and have their stories spun in the halls of Valhalla?

• 1 Double-sided Game Board
• 4 Player Boards
• 111 Standard Cards
• 196 Mini Cards
• 66 Custom Dice
• 1 Round Marker Token
• 40 Food Tokens
• 25 Favor tokens
• 14 Terror Tokens
• 15 Farm Tokens
• 15 Wall Tokens
• 15 Tower Tokens
• 54 Conquered Territory Tiles
• 12 Ship Upgrade Tiles
• 8 Longships
• 1 Honor Ship
• 4 Score Trackers
• 1 Start Player Token
• 1 Rulebook

Dane techniczne

Rodzaj gry Fantasy, Strategia,Worker Placement
Liczba graczy 2-4
Wiek 14+
Czas jednej rozgrywki 60-120 minutes
Wydanie angielskie
Instrukcja angielska

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